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Lauren Connelly

Hi Nina!

I'm happy to help!

Can you add a video on its own timeline?

 Videos have a timeline that you can adjust. You can use triggers to designate what happens during the timeline of a video. For example, you can control the Video Timeline by using When the Timeline Starts on Video 1.

  • Here's a look at that in Storyline 360:

Please let me know if I'm off base or if you have additional questions!

Nina Koehlert

The user should know when the video ends or how long it is to have orientation. Some videos end apruptly and the user then wonders if the video is not fully loaded. Many individual steps are explained in the video. It has an advantage if you can watch certain scenes in the video again without always seeing the whole video. Thank you.

Steven McAneney

Great. Just remember that the user can click on the video to play/pause it. If you want to prevent this you need to cover the entire video with a hotspot (not linking to anything), and right click on the hotspot to untick the "Show hand cursor on hover" box. If you do this, obviously you need to set the video to autoplay, or via a trigger. 

Hope this helps.