Videos are downloadable in hmtl5 output


Whenever I create an html5 output the videos in the module are downloadable. Is there a way to create a link that's playable on mobile devices without the user being able to download the videos? We would like the user to click a link to see the module and not have to download the storyline app for the sake of convenience and to make the experience more seamless. 

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carlos marino

Guys, I´m suffering of the same issue with google chrome, and I´m desesperate. I´m using Storyline 2 and when a video is opened in Chrome is showing the students the download button in the seek bar, but when we try in Fireforx the download option is not available; because of the length of the video, I could not hide the seek bar. Is the a patch or any other option you guys could provide for content creators like me? Please Please Help!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carlos, 

If you don't want learners to download videos from your courses, you'll need to disable the video controls in Storyline or Studio before publishing. (If you've enabled the seekbar for your course, learners will still be able to pause, fast forward, and rewind videos.) Could you use the method Rukaht mentioned with the slide seekbar versus the video? 


carlos marino

Hi Ashley, and thank you so much for your useful reply. If I hide the controls how the students can pause, fast forward, and rewind videos? I´m not good with code, also the people who is using that method reclaims that changes completely the way the video is presented. Is there any other option? and last question: If I upgrade to SL3 or 360 will it be the same issue?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carlos,

If you have the seekbar enabled for your course, your learners should still be able to pause, fast forward, and rewind the videos as you can see here.

We had another user share a solution in a reply if you'd like to check that out as well.

We are not seeing the same behavior in SL3 or SL360.