Videos do not play on iPad, with Articulate Mobile Player

Aug 09, 2016

Hello -

I know there is a lot of discussion here about viewing Storyline (2) courses on an iPad. I am trying to decipher it all, but have not come up with a solution. We have several e-learning courses that contain videos, and the videos do not play on the iPad, using AMP. (I hear audio, but screen is blank.) We are using SSLA (Simple SCORM LMS Adapter) and publishing to SCORM 1.2. I select all 3 of these: 'Include HTML5 Output', 'Use AMP for iOS or Android', and 'Allow downloading for offline viewing.'  Tracking learner results is a requirement (some are pass/fail, and some are just complete/incomplete). Videos are in .mov, .mp4, .wmv, and .flv formats (mostly .mov).  I have read a number of times that 'for the best experience' on the iPad, we should use the AMP.  What am I missing here?  Thanks! Brigitte

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brigitte, 

A lot of different topics here so I'll to answer them all but if I miss one, just should out again! 

1. To track a learners progress in a course and use the Articulate Mobile player, you'll need to publish for Tin Can API instead of SCORM 1.2, 2004 or AICC.  

2. With that being said, Tin Can doesn't allow for offline viewing, as it needs to constantly be able to ping the LMS to provide results and access to the users progress. 

3. We think the Mobile Player provides the best experience, as it gets around some inconsistencies and memory issues with Safari, but it's worth taking a look at the chart here which compares the different options and features that may not work within a set up. 

4. All the videos are going to be encoded as detailed here

5. If you're testing your content within your LMS and it's not behaving as expected, I'd look at also testing it in another environment such as SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS Testing. You can review this article for testing steps. 

If the course still isn't working at SCORM Cloud, we'll want to take a look. You can share it here using the "add attachment" button or send it along to our Support engineers here.

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