Videos Hanging Up in HTML5 Output

Hello everyone,

I've been working on a file for awhile now that contains nearly 50 large video files (HD videos). The file plays fine on a desktop and also plays fine within Articulate's Mobile Player app. However, if I try to play the HTML5 output within a browser (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome), the file is very unstable. It will randomly hang up on a video and will not play any further unless you refresh the browser. It's not an issue of buffering, it just completely freezes and it's not always at the same places. The overall published file is large (just under 2GB).

Has anyone else experienced this? I've contacted support and have pretty much reached a dead-end with them. They offered some suggestions of reducing the file size, etc. but those aren't viable options as the customer wants HD videos. They basically said it was an issue with memory on an iPad that's causing the problem. I want to believe that but I have the exact same random freezing when I play the HTML5 output on my desktop within Chrome. This leads me to believe the memory issue on an iPad isn't the problem.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know as I'm at a complete loss now.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jamie,

I do see where you were working with Cleo on this case and that he reported it to our QA team for additional review. It looks like that was also prior to the most recent update of Storyline (Update 6 released at the end of July). Have you tested this after re-publishing the courses using that update?

Please feel free to let Cleo or I know if the behavior continues in Update 6, and we can update the report that is filed with our QA team.

André Gottfridsson

I have the same problem and got the answer it had to do with file size. My course is "only" 98 MB but still doesn't load in HTML5. Compressing it down to 30 MB made it play but then the video looks so horrible that it cannot really be an option. Would be nice to see some sort of fix for this. Answer from support below:


"I have been reviewing your files.  There is nothing wrong with your course itself but the reason why the course does not load online is because the course files have a very large file size.   You have set the maximum quality settings for audio, video and images.   You have also set a very large story size: 1008 by 667.  Having a very large file size would naturally make it harder for the viewer to download the HTML5 content files.  I have republish your course using the following settings:

-I changed the story size to  720 by 473
-I set the quality to standard settings.

This would reduce the overall file size of the published files from 96 mb to only 31 mb.
I was able to successfully view the course on Google Chrome.  Can you please verify if you can view the following on your end:

If you were able to view the course from the link above, then I would recommend that you perform similar adjustments on your file to be able to make it easier for viewers to download the course."

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andre,

I was just reading through your case, and noticed that John sent the following to you yesterday:

There is no exact limit on the file size of a published course. I just mentioned the decrease (from 96mb to 30mb ) in file size of your published course when the story size and quality settings are adjusted.

Since the HTML5 course works fine when viewed locally we can see that the issue is being caused by how the files are being downloaded from the server.

So I just wanted to share that additional piece of information here. Please feel free to let John or I know if you need anything else.