Videos in Microsoft Stream

I'm increasingly seeing customers using Microsoft Stream to serve videos to users in their organisation. This is clearly good but it does raise some issues with how Storyline developers work with these videos. I believe there is an embed code but that will only work if the user is validated - I saw one post re logging-in in order to watch the embedded video.

So my question is can we reliably embed Steam videos into Storyline (as we can for YouTube and Vimeo)? 

Some have suggested just asking for a copy of the video (ideally a compressed MP4 copy) and inserting directly into Storyline but this can be tricky if the video was produced by a completely different part of the organisation. It also means that the Storyline file is much larger and most clients are paying for LMS server space so don't want big videos if they can be avoided.

Maybe the answer is just to accept that to play reliably they need to be hosted on Vimeo? 

Any suggestions/ideas gratefully received. MS Stream is clearly here to stay!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

That's correct - Microsoft Streams are not supported for external sharing outside of your organization and will only stream to authorized users. We recommend importing the video as an mp4 file, but I'm interested in hearing if other community members have found a way to use Microsoft Streams in their courses.