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I'm currently experiencing a bit of a blip with videos in Storyline. Whenever I add a video that I have trimmed in Quicktime, it doesn't recognise that it has been trimmed and inserts the whole original .mov file.

The files are saved, and when opened in Quicktime on their own, only show the trimmed version.

I've tried saving, re-saving, changing the name, and opening the video on all sorts of devices and programmes to check I'm not going bonkers and I really am inserting the edited copy. 

But, still, Storyline won't recognise it as a trimmed .mov file.

Has anyone else encountered this - and if so, do you have any advice about how to fix it?

Mega thanks,


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Matthew Graham

If you edit it and save it as a new file, it shouldn't keep the cut out data.  Therefore, it shouldn't be possible for Storyline to play the cut video as it shouldn't exist in the new file.

Is the new .mov file the same size (right click, properties) after cutting it?  Are you sure that you're linking the correct file version to your Storyline project?

Margot T

Yes, certain. 

I just kept assuming that I was uploading the wrong file. 

But I have trimmed it, re-named it, saved it in a different location - and when I play it in any other programme it plays in the trimmed format. 

In Storyline, it shoes the first few seconds and final few seconds which have definitely been trimmed out and not saved.

I know this must sound bonkers, but two or three other people have tried it and are having the same issue.

The only issue, perhaps, is that the video was ripped, trimmed and saved on a Mac. Even though it plays fine on a PC Quicktime player, it still reverts back to its untrimmed state in Storyline. 

Bizarre! All hints and tips gratefully received. 

Matthew Graham

Yeah, that's definitely strange.  You could try editing the video with something different than Quicktime.  I'll keep thinking on this, as there's got to be a sensible reason for it.  I don't think it's a Storyline issue because I doubt it has the capability of restoring video that doesn't exist anymore.

The video is definitely playing cut in windows media player?

Margot T


Thanks for your answer!

Yes, the cut version is playing even in Windows Media Player. 

I'm just going to keep saving and re-saving/experimenting  and hope something clicks into place and it works. 

Non-trimmed videos work perfectly, so besides this one pesky one, it's working a treat.


Michael Rosenberger

Maybe unrelated, but Is this happening in the preview in Storyline or just  when viewing online after upload? I had a similar issue, where I could import the correct edited file, preview it fine in Storyline, but when I would view it online after uploading it always had the older full version. Ended up it being the browser caching files and such, and once I cleared that, it displayed correctly.

Though about adding a refresh in the HTML for this instance.

Don't know fi that helps, but just a thought.

Good luck

Tria Vang


I'm having a similar issue except mine does show the new version, but somehow it added a black screen for a minute long at the end of the video. I've re-exported it and it plays fine in quicktime and windows media player. However, when I add it to storyline, the preview & the published version has that minute-long black screen at the end. I viewed it in the Articulate Video Editor, but it doesn't show the black screen at the end. Any suggestions on a fix?