Videos not playing in Articulate Review

May 31, 2018

I have been having a few issues with my .mp4 videos not playing in a published course from Storyline 360.  Here is what we have tried so far based on research within this forum.

1. Tested the course in the Scorm Cloud and it seemed to function fine for me. 

2. Added the MIME type .mp4 to the LMS server.  This resulted in the videos playing for me (OS Win 10, IE 11) but will not play for others (OS Win 7, IE 11). 

3. Now my SME (OS Win 7, IE 11) cannot review the course videos through Articulate Review because they are not playing.  However, when I go to the direct review link, it allows me (OS Win 10, IE 11) to play the videos. 

So the problem that exists is that I am able to play videos through the LMS and Review, but others are not.  Any ideas?  Know that we do have OS's of Win 10, 7 and XP but all of the XP's are supposed to be updated to Win 7 and eventually 10.  Our default browser is IE 11.  I would add the .story attachment, but due to confiden

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Traci P

I'm having a similar issue. Just posted but my post was flagged. 

I had a course that played fine up until the April release. Now 4 out of 10 videos don't play. After the May release they played fine in review, but they still aren't playing in the LMS. 

 I have a ticket out, but no solution. 

I was going to try changing the file type and some other simple workarounds. 

Please keep this updated if you find a solution. 

Brandon Ritter

I'm not really sure of the solution.  I was able to get the videos to play through our LMS in Firefox but not IE11.  Unfortunately, I need to get them to play in IE11 for everyone since it is our default browser.  If anyone has an idea, I'm willing to try! 

Traci - If you are using Storyline 360, I believe the video format/file type will automatically switch to .mp4 upon publishing. 

Zsolt Olah

Chrome introduced a new feature (which may or may not be the problem with yours,  Traci). It has to do with auto-play restrictions. It has some crazy logic of when to play and when not to play (like your engagement index on the site). Basically, "it learns your personal preferences" how you want videos to act. Which is a nightmare for those who want consistent behavior for end-users :(



Traci P

Thank you for this! I will see if I can test around it to prove if that is the issue. An older sl version didnt help so it must be chrome. It might actually be the issue bc I can’t find anything in common with the videos that don’t play and they are different each time.

The way the course is built we have the videos and animations set to play automatically so that they are seamless with a game experience we have created. I covered the videos with a transparent box so that the user can’t mess up the timing by accident. (For example we have a game spinner that spins in a video and the spin video is triggered by the user spinning a dial. It’s meant to be seamless and the auto play is required.)

Thank you for this info!!

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