Videos not playing in IE on HTML5 output

Hi all,

I've been having problems with multiple videos and multiple courses playing in IE10 & 11 with content published from SL360. It seems that when the page loads, the first frame of the video shows, but then fails to actually play. I have found that by swapping the video out for another one, and then changing it back, actually resolves this issue. However it's quite and inconvenience, especially with courses that are quite media heavy.

Any thoughts?


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Felicia Tang

Hi all,

I thought I will add on to the discussion. I had 4 videos in my e-learning course. My laptop could not view the videos on IE, although they work perfectly fine on my colleague's computer.  I could view the videos on other browsers though. I had several testers that had the same problem on IE only.

We tried downsizing the videos and 3 out of the 4 videos work for me now. YAY!!!

We are downsizing the last video which could not play on my laptop. If that works, then the problem is solved for us! Crossing my fingers that the videos can play for all the other testers as well.

Keith Aycock

Hi All,

 I have the same not playing in Windows 7 IE11 .it works perfectly in Windows 10 IE11 and other browser. I have a course created in storyline 360 with some slides and a single video in it. When the video slide starts it just shows the image of the first scene and stay still for the video duration and then it move to next slide.  I am publishing my course to web.I have tried HTML5 , HTML5/Flash output. Any suggestion to fix the issue.

This issue is only in IE11 Windows 7.



Beth Schwaner

Hi Keith,
We have not resolved this problem yet with videos not running in Windows 7/IE 11 if courses are published with the latest Storyline version. (Our courses published in earlier versions of Storyline still run the videos fine in Windows 7/IE 11.) Videos don't run in Opera browser either. So something changed in the newer versions, which impacts this system/browser combo. After troubleshooting, Articulate staff believe that the problem is with our LMS. We have not been able to resolve. If you discover anything or want more info on what we've found in debugs and other tests, please let me know.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Keith,

Thanks for reaching out and specifying where you are experiencing an issue. Sounds exactly like the issue that our team is looking into, but I do not have an update at this time.


  • Set your slide size to default - 720x540 (4:3).
  • Reduce the video width and ensure that it is less than the width of your slide size.
    • Adjust the video width size to about 998 or smaller.
  • Turn video compression off.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beth,

I took a look at your case, as it does sound a tad different than the issue our team is investigating which occurred prior to Update 19 of Storyline 360. I did also notice that our last email to you was marked as undeliverable from your server, so I wanted to share a piece of  Renato's last response here (I pulled out his link to your course just in case):

Please confirm the following if it is web browser issue or a network issue: 
1) Please test your published output if the issue occurs on another Windows 7 computer that is connected to the same network. 
2) If the issue persists on item #1, please try the Windows 7 computer on another network. 

If the issue persists on both scenario above, I'd recommend opening a support case with your LMS provider since the issue does not occur on another LMS like SCORM Cloud. Your LMS provider knows best how to help with LMS-specific problems. You may also want to share the link to the SCORM Cloud published output above so they can compare the result. 

Let me or Renato know if you need anything else!

shahab khan

I have an issue in Storyline August 16, 2018 (Build 3.5.16548.0) version.
i was insert the video in STL3 Course and video not play in Internet Explorer i don't know what is the issue i try many ideas but video still not working its working in Google Chrome and etc.

Please give the solution.

Thank You.

Emmanuel NIEL

Hello all,

i met the same issue on one of my last production: video MP4 can't play automatically throught IE11 (v9600) on windows Seven.

Just to share my exprience, I added on my video slide a trigger to start the media 1 second after the begining of the timeline. This trick resolved my problem. Maybe yours.

Kari Bogdan

Hi Alyssa, Any updates on this fix? 

We are having similar issues with videos not working when attempting to view our Storyline 3 SCORM 2004 courses that have been published with the HTML5 only mode.  Like the others we are currently stuck with Windows 7, IE 11 (version 11.0.9600.19155). They just show up as a black box with the seek bar moving below no matter what screen or file size we test.  They all work fine in Chrome and in the SCORM cloud. We also tried the last trick above but it wasn't any help. We appreciate your team continuing to try and resolve this issue in case we don't convince our organization to switch to Chrome:(!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kari,

Thanks for letting us know that you are being affected by this issue as well.

While I do not have an update to provide, there is one factor that you may be able to adjust.

It also seems specific to custom slide size that have a video of the same dimensions and the width is over 998 pixels.

Is that true for your course as well? If so, you should be able to adjust these settings since you cannot change your LMS, windows version, or IE version.

We are continuing to track this and we will share any updates right here, so you should be notified.

Kari Bogdan

We have tried with smaller dimensions for video and smaller file sizes.  We tried working with our IMS department to make small adjustments like adding  JSON but it created an issue on Sumtotal staging.  At this point, we are publishing anything with video as Flash with HTML5 backup and other courses as HTML5 only.  We'll have to backtrack once this issue has been resolved.

Katie Riggio

Appreciate this extra insight, Kari, and I'm so sorry for the headaches. You're in the right place, and we’ll post all updates here once we have them!

While our team investigates this issue, the known workarounds at this time are:

  • Set the slide size to default; 720x540 (4:3)
  • Reduce the video width and ensure that it is less than the width of the slide size
  • Adjust the video width size to about 998 or smaller, as Leslie shared above*
  • Turn video compression off

I know you and your team are working around this problem by using the Flash output, but we're always happy to take a close look at your set-up to see if there is anything else you can try. Feel free to reach out to our Support Team by clicking here!

Katie Riggio

So sorry you've come across this issue, Anirudh.

No news yet, but I promise we'll keep this discussion updated with any new information. If you're able to share your Storyline .story file with our Support Team, we'd love to do a deep dive to try to find any other approaches custom to your project. Let us know, as we're ready to help! 

Marisa Hubin

Hi Alyssa,

I was just reading through this thread as I have been experiencing the same issues that Izette described in the post directly above your reply (screenshot of post included below).

Our situation seems to be quite similar:

  • We are running an updated version of A360
  • Running in IE11
  • Running on Windows 10
  • The course is published for LMS
  •  Video was working on my computer and on a colleagues but not on others who have tried to take the training --when they attempt the course and reach the video slide no content loads but the loading bar at the bottom advances without displaying any content. Users can then click "next" and advance to the next slide.
  • We've checked all security settings etc. (compatibility view settings, etc.)

Now today when I went to test the training I am getting an error I did not receive before (see 2nd screenshot attached).

I am trying to figure out if this is coming from something within A360, something with my computer, or if it is an error due to the LMS where the training is being hosted from.

Any assistance is appreciated!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marisa,

The best way to narrow down the cause of issues like this is to test the output in another LMS environment, like SCORM Cloud. If you don't see the same issues in SCORM Cloud, you can conclude that the issue is related to your LMS.

We would be happy to help you with that testing! Simply share your original project file with our team here, and we'll take care of the rest.  

Leah Hemeon

Hi Alyssa,

I'm sorry but I do need to disagree with the above. With the issues one of my client experiences on this it can be intermittent (regardless of LMS) and also seems to vary computer to computer (even on the same version of a single browser, just on a different computer). This has been extremely difficult to track down for us but we have had the most success in telling our users to try Chrome (IE is default in the organization). 

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Leah. Happy to help!

It sounds like videos play on some computers, but you and your team experience intermittent issues where those videos do not play in IE within any LMS. Is that correct?

If so, can you help me these key details? 

  • What update of Storyline are you using? To find this detail, click the Help tab > click About Storyline
  • What version of IE and Windows OS are the learners using? A quick and easy way to capture this detail is to ask the affected users to go to 
  • Would you mind sharing a sample slide that has a video with us here? If the content is sensitive, you can privately share it via this link.

I'll be standing by!

Leah Hemeon

Hi there,

Yes, this is an intermittent issue on some computers. Unfortunately it's for my client who has over 2300 employees and I don't have a recent example to share where I could get the user's information. We kind of gave up tracking this because we couldn't waste more time on it.

I am also not at liberty to share a file (privately or otherwise) as I am under an NDA for the affected courses. I can say that this has affected at least 3 courses with videos. All videos were MP4 (some produced by the client and some were recorded/exported via Camtasia). The courses were published either on the latest version of Storyline 360 (if I published) or using Storyline 3 - whatever version was current in March (if the client published themselves after I developed).

I completely understand that this makes troubleshooting nearly impossible but just wanted to share that the LMS hasn't made a difference for us and all courses are tested in SCORM Cloud before being released to their LMS (Moodle) - and all videos played fine when tested in SCORM Cloud both on my computer (Mac with Chrome) and by the client in IE. I was just adding my voice to the group and didn't expect to have individualized troubleshooting. 

Marisa Hubin

Hi Alyssa,
I believe I have a ticket out with your team for this issue (case #01608661). Unfortunately they were unable to view the issue with my slide because it's house on our intranet page (internal) and therefore they did not have access.

The workaround that we are going to try is to just force the webstream to open in a new browser window so that it is not under the requirements of the LMS which isn't playing nicely with IE11 and allowing for the content to open within the original browser window. I don't know if this will solve the issue where we are seeing this on different IE clients, but it's what we're going to try for now.