Videos not showing up

Jun 21, 2013

Hello. I need some help. I have created a storyline presentation for an orientation for my employer. It is a sophisticated storyline that uses several functions within Storyline as well as embedded videos from Viddler.

I am having an issue when publishing with videos not showing up when viewing on an Ipad or an Android device. I have tested and the orientation works completely in every fashion with the three major browsers (IE, FireFox, & Chrome).  I have tried publishing the document with an Ipad settings using the Articulate App and without the Articulate App and accessing it through Safari. My Viddler settings are using Flash with HTML5 fallback if the device does not support Flash.

The storyline orientation will function on both device operating systems (iOS and Android), but the videos do not appear.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ryan and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! You mentioned that your Viddler settings are falling back to HTML5, but do you know for certain that Viddler will be able to detect a lack of Flash support while inside the Storyline Player?  If Viddler can't do this, you may need to consider another video service or a separate version of your course for iPads versus Desktop PCs. I will say that we do not support Android at this time though, so I have no suggestions there. You could always send your file for us to have a look at.

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