Videos not working with Storyline 2 and Chrome

I have created a game that includes videos that play when the learner is looking for help with answering a question and videos that play when they miss a question.  Sometimes the video plays but there is no audio.  Sometimes the video does not play at all.  Sometimes when I move the seek bar around the audio will start playing when it wasn't before on the slide.  The course works perfectly in IE11.  No issues there.  I saw that others had had some similar problems in the past but there was no final solution.  What can I do to fix this?  I cannot share the Storyline file due to size 300mb and company information in the course.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gary. Here are a couple of settings that you can check to troubleshoot this behavior:

  • Make sure you have the latest update of Storyline 2 installed; we've enhanced our support to comply with how Google Chrome handles audio and video.
  • Are the videos set to play automatically in slide layers?
  • Does the seekbar in the slide layer allow scrubbing? Meaning, is it independent from the base layer timeline?

We are always happy to dive into more of these details with you one-on-one, as well. Thanks!

Gary Weaver

I will have to discuss with management to see if that can be allowed.  After updating to Build 13 one of the videos works without issue and the audio that was missing on the other videos is back and is working as expected.  The only videos that are not working are the ones that are on layers.  They work fine in IE11.  If I specifically allow FLASH in Chrome for the domain everything works fine.  It would be difficult to instruct the learners to enable flash for the course if they are using Chrome for our LMS domain.  Whenever the Chrome browser closes and is reopened then Flash has to be reenabled.  Seems strange that it is working unless you are calling the video on a layer.

Gary Weaver

Alyssa, I posted a couple hours ago that the build 13 helped but did not fix all of the video issues.  I read on another thread the other day that delaying the videos could help and it did!  Put a 1/4 second delay on the video and it fixed the ones on the layers.  New problem with Chrome.  I have a certificate of completion come up at the end of the course by modifying the "report.html" file and that is working fine.  In IE11.  It is not working fine in Chrome.  The box pops up prompting the user to enter their name and it allows text entry but when the user clicks enter after entering their name there is no report window opening.  It works perfectly in IE11.  Yes, I checked and the popup blocker in Chrome is turned off.  Any solution on this?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gary. I'm glad you were able to move forward with your videos on layers. In Storyline 2, you'll need to have Flash Player enabled in the browser for the Print Results feature. Here's more information about how different features behave in the Flash and HTML5 outputs of Storyline 2.

We'll be here if you have more questions!