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Nov 01, 2014


i'm working with the fabulous storyline 2

I understand that if I want to insert YouTube video that will work on mobile player (iPad and Android) the only way to do that is through the Insert> Web Object.

But, and a big one, I can not figure it out how to close the video/make himdisappear when its finished..

any Help ? Please ...?

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dorin ft

the problem was that every object i put on the stage was behind the web object no matter what i did.

finally i solved it with changing the web object size.

thank you!

now, i have a new problem: in the ipad everything works fine!

but, in android tablets (galaxy tab 3) i can only hear the youtube web object sound

but not seeing it.

Bjarne O

Hi Dorin,

I've attached a small demo where I embed a youtube video as described in the article How to add a YouTube video to Storyline - great article btw, including many useful optional parameters for youtube videos...

I published for HTML5 and tested on a iPad 2 with IOS 8.1 and safari, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Google Chrome. Works fine on both tablets.

Best regards,

Emily Ruby

Hello Dorin!

Would you be able to share your file and the youtube video you are trying to insert? When you insert as a web object, it is best to click the "test link" to make sure the file will view in the frame.


The file used in the .story file you provided would need to be viewed in a separate browser window:

When I published this to open in a new window, the file played as expected in the Mobile App on an Android Device. Nexus 7 Android 4.3.

Bjarne O
Emily Burnett

The file used in the .story file you provided would need to be viewed in a separate browser window:

Hm thats odd.. The youtube link was copied directly from your article, I received no errors or alerts telling me it needs to be opened in a new window, and it works fine on my pc and in html5 on my tablet - only in amp its sound only...

Will test some more...

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