Videos on several slides in different scenes start at the time

Dear heroes,

I have a problem with a video-based e-learning created with AS2.

Sometimes two videos on different slides in different scenes start at the same time and I can not understand anything, because the soundtrack of both videos running side by side. Of course I only see one video (that, that is included in the slide I just launched) but I hear the sound of another video in addition.

The videos on both slides start automatically when the timeline starts. And I have the feeling that this problem appears more often, if the corresponding slides are in different scenes.

Do you know that problem? Do you know how to avoid this? 

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Boris Wesemann

It happens only sometimes. I don't know how to reproduce this problem. But I noticed this problem from time to time - also with content produced in AS1:

With this project it happend to me twice today:

dit: The chance that it happens is bigger the more often you delete the browser history.

Deanna Brigman

Hi Boris,

How are these videos inserted? are they mp4s, flvs or swfs?

I have experienced this problem in the past with swf content, that had custom Actionscript controller bars embedded. We fixed the problem by getting rid of the embedded controller bars, and using the Storyline video control options. Not sure if this is helpful at all.

Knowing more about what file format you are using, what options you have selected in SL, and any unique features of the videos will help to figure out what may be causing the issue.


Boris Wesemann

I tested it with more or less all video formats that exist: mp4, wmv, m4v, flv, mov - etc. The problem appears independently from the video format. 

In the current project we worked with WMV-Files. The videos are converted by AS2. The videoformat seems to be OK. They are buffering progressively - even if I embed the AS-converted videos into other applications (I did it for testing).  

The only special thing about this project is: that it's upgraded out of AS1. Do you think this can cause the problems? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Boris,

I tested out the link you shared here in Chrome and I tried to jump from slide to slide very quickly - and it was only the fourth slide with video that took an additional 3 seconds to load, all the others placed right away. I do have a pretty high speed internet connection (download 50+mbps).