Videos on slide layers not automatically playing upon revisit (videos play upon first visit only)

I have a slide with buttons that show slide layers (these buttons have a hover and visited state).  Each slide layer contains a video that plays automatically and a close button that takes the learner back to the base layer.  All works as planned upon first visit to the layers.  However, if I click the buttons on the base layer to revisit the other layers, the videos will not automatically play again.  The videos only play automatically upon first visit.  I've found that the video will play again if I click directly on it, but that is not obvious to the learner.  Is there a way to fix this?  I have tried setting the layers to reset to initial state, and I have checked the "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" box to no avail.   Can anyone help?  Thanks!

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Shannon Siwicki

So, right after I posted this, I tried something and it worked!  I was just going to delete the post, but I thought I would instead keep it and post the fix (in case anyone else is having the same issue).  I added a trigger on the slide layers that plays the media when the timeline starts.  It was as simple as that!