Videos Playing Simultaneously from different screens

I have a training program I created in storyline with flash video on numerous corresponding screens. When I open one screen the corresponding screen audio can be heard. These are .swf files that I have tried to imported as video and as flash to fix the problem. I have them on separate layers on each slide. If imported as video the neighboring screens play simulanteously, if imported as flash the audio overlaps and the seek bar doesnt work. What can I do?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jon and welcome to Heroes!

If you use the flash version, it will play the SWF file independently of the slide and therefore independent of the slide timeline. If you have it inserted as a Video - you'll want to check the slide properties for your base slide and the layers to pause the timeline of the base layer and hide other slide layers so that the videos will only appear on each layer. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jon,

Have you checked the slide properties for each layer? You'd want to hide the base layer and other slide layers, and also depending on getting back to your base layer set it to pause as well. 

 If you're still experiencing some difficulty with your file, can you share it here so that we can take a look? If you'd prefer to share privately please let me know and I can send you directions on how to send to me directly.