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Sam Carter

Yep, we're using the intended environment.

It crashes on different videos.  As I mentioned, loading the video in SL's editor and saving the video allows SL to publish. This suggests there's something in the .story file that isn't right doesn't it?

If it was the environment, or the SL installation, would editing/saving the mp4 correct the problem?



Christie Pollick

Hi, Sam -- Thanks for your reply! Good points, and I think it might be best to have our Support Engineers work directly with you here on nailing down where the issue is taking place. I will go ahead and set you up in a case, and one of our engineers will be reaching out shortly -- your patience is appreciated! I plan to follow along and will share updates here for others who may benefit, as well. :)

Michael Gallagher

I have experienced the same thing when publishing a course with videos. The following usually works for me:

Before publishing, close all other programs that are open on your computer. (Publishing with video content takes all of your computers resources)

if you are using Dropbox or any software that is saving your files to a server, pause the syncing feature.

If you get the pop up that says there is an error when publishing, you are given two choices, Report it to Articulate and No Thanks. Click on No Thanks and immediately publish again. It may error out a bunch of times, but keep doing the same process. Each time you publish the software will slowly encode each video until it finishes. 

Although it is frustrating, it is the solution that works for me.

one more thing: watch the publish window and see if it always crashes when encoding a particular video. If it does, go to that slide, delete the video and reimport it. That sometimes works.

if you not sure what video is causing the problem, after a publish fail, open up Windows Explorer to the publish folder and look at the MP4 videos that are there. Storyline publishes the videos in order, so you should be able to see what videos published and what the next video would have been by comparing the list of videos to what is in the course. That will help you isolate the troublesome video clip, so you can try reimporting it, or reencoding in outside program, or any other video tricks you want to try.

I hope this info helps.

Mike G

Sam Carter
Michael Gallagher

one more thing: watch the publish window and see if it always crashes when encoding a particular video. If it does, go to that slide, delete the video and reimport it. That sometimes works.


I found that it isn't necessary to reimport the video.  It is enough to open it in the SL video editor and save it back.

I've also noticed that it will crash on the same video every time until I do the above.

Sam Carter

After working with Articulate support to provide debug files, there was no evidence of Storyline reporting any problem after the crash.

I did stumble on something that may be worth trying.  After my most recent SL crash, I made IE 11 my default browser rather than Chrome. SL didn't crash after that switch.

One data point doesn't make a case.  I wonder if this would fix it for you Mike?


Bryan Frame

THIS IS BRILLIANT MIKE!  I went into the story content folder and isolated the last video that did not finish publishing, edited a half second off of it in SL, then boom the course publishes perfectly.  Gosh I wish this didn't happen in the first place or that I read your fix 4 hours ago!

Cheers, Man!  I really appreciate this!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

I know that you worked on this issue with Abel, but since it wasn't something that our team could replicate or narrow down within your log files it is difficult to determine what a fix may be in regards to that set up. If you're still continuing to have difficulty, please respond to your case with Abel and we'll continue to investigate.