Videos restarting when slide is revisited.

If anyone could help with this please, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a course made up of several vyond videos. I have created various menus that branch out to different slides and layers. The issue that I'm having is that the videos keep restarting upon revisit. Even though I have changed the settings to "Resume saved state" on the base layer and any subsequent layer is set to "resume saved state." I have also ensured the "Pause timeline of base layer" is ticked on all layers.

I have tried adding triggers to control the videos. Such as pause when media completes or timeline ends. This has worked for the videos on layers but one menu, users have to visit different slides and then return the video menu, this one keeps restarting not matter what settings I try. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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Laura Whitton

I'm replying so that I can follow along. I'm also experiencing this issue. I have created videos in Vyond to use in each scene within my story. One of the videos actually serves as my main menu. I have the "Resume Saved State" selected on that menu video, but when published it keeps restarting. It previews fine in Articulate, but not when the SCORM is published.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, UCLH E-Learning team and Laura!

We had an issue a while back where videos would start over on a slide when revisiting the slide, even if the Resume saved state option was enabled. 

Storyline 360 Update 27 holds a fix for this problem, but it's still open in Storyline 3.

If you're seeing this in a recent update of Storyline 360, we'd love to dig in. You can each send the project file to us through this private case link:

We'll review the video and let you know how it goes!