videos set to autoplay in SL360- not starting on android

We have some classes that feature several large videos that when published play just fine on all browsers on PCs, and on ipads, but with android- the timeline moves like it is playing but I have to still hit pause and then play for it to start.  Is that a glitch? setting?  I have double checked and the video is set to play automatically.

I have gone through and read the recent video posts and none are quite what we are experiencing.  


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kristy - Videos that are configured to launch in a new browser window may not automatically start playing in HTML5 output. This is a function of HTML5 browsers that can't be controlled. Some browsers will autoplay videos in this scenario, while others won't. If a video doesn't begin on its own, just tap it or click its play button.

As Daniel shared, you are more than welcome to work directly with our support engineers if we need to take a closer look.