Videos uploading with very small height

I'm trying to upload video files to a Storyline project and they are uploading with weird sizes. In particular, I'm seeing 720 pixels by 11 pixels. The video ends up looking like a long, skinny horizontal bar. One of the ways to make it look "normal" is to unlock the aspect ratio and manually adjust the height to 264 pixels (which looks right in the slide itself). When I do this, the video looks perfectly fine when previewing it, but it looks blurry in the browser view after the project has been published. 

I've checked the original video file and it seems perfectly fine (it is 1280x720), so I can't figure out why it is uploading with such an odd size in Storyline. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Robert,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing! 

When working with larger sized files, Storyline is going to scale down the video to fit the slide automatically. The amount of scaling can result in a loss of quality and blurriness. 

An option that might work is to link the video as a web object and embed it into Storyline. This way, you're not manually scaling it in Storyline but letting the external video hosting solution scale it. 

You can also look into this guide on best practices for working with high-quality videos here!