Videos Won't Auto Play on iPad

I need some help on how videos are behaving in the HTML5 output on an iPad. No matter what I do, the videos will not auto start on the iPad. I tried changing the prior slide to require user to click Next to advance and that still doesn't do anything. When the video slide comes up, the user has to click on the video to start it. I tried re-encoding all the videos as H.264 mp4 videos thinking that would fix it, but still doesn't auto start.

I'm using Update 5 of Storyline and my iPad is iOS version 7.1.2.

The playable link is: (1st video is on the 4th slide)

If you have any thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jamie,

Viewing on an iPad in mobile Safari currently has inherent limitations that impact how multimedia appears and operates. 

Media Playback Support is limited:

  • User may need to click to start media (audio and video may not play automatically)
  • Only one media file may play at a time

Here is some documented information about viewing on iPads.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Jamie Morgan

Oops, I have Update 6 already - my original post was wrong on that. Thank you for the information. It's just a bit frustrating as there's information out there that says a video should auto play in HTML5 assuming you're on a certain version or higher or iOS and then it doesn't. Just wish there was more reliability on knowing what will or won't happen with regards to videos in that environment.

In any event, thanks for the info.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jamie,

HTML5 continues to be a moving target, and so we're always looking to update the documentation and the Articulate software to offer more support and consistency, but there are some things you can also do to help optimize content for HTML5 within these tutorials. 

I hope that helps, and please know that HTML5 continues to be a priority for us! 

Jamie Morgan

Thanks Ashley. My struggle is that I have a module that I built a month ago, also on Update 6 of Storyline and same iOS version and the video in that module auto plays. Why will one video auto play and the other won't? The video in the module below was created using Camtasia, so I thought maybe how Camtasia encodes the video is the difference. I ran the videos through Camtasia on the one that's not autoplaying and republished, but still nothing.

Why is the one below auto playing yet the others aren't?

Jamie Morgan

That's likely the case because I'm a moron and pasted the wrong link. That was the link to the file that isn't working on an iPad. The link below is the course that is playing correctly. Sorry about that!

Emily Ruby

Hello Jamie,

I tried this link as well and the video started. But I did test it twice, and the first time i got this:

On second try, it did start with the begin presentation button.

This button may be triggering the video to start, whereas in the other file the video was on a new slide.

Without seeing the file itself, and the set up triggers, it is hard to tell.

Could you share the .story file here? or maybe just the slide itself in its own .story file?