Videos won't play in published course on an ipad

We have had users of our LMS report that the scorm packages weren't displaying correctly or loading on ipads or iphones - even when using the ios mobile player app it wouldn't work. Currently the scorms were published with the ios/android mobile player box ticked.

I have since republished with this box unticked and the scorms now load and work correctly with the exception of videos. Videos play fine on the desktop but not on ipad. The button controls disappear altogether and even if I add a trigger button it still wont play.

I have reviewed the following help document which I saw listed on a similar discussion but to no success...

Any suggestions?!



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Caroline Mills

Hi Folks,

I had the exact same problem my first few videos which were set to play automatically wouldn't play.  Here's how I got around it - I web optimised the videos that I had a problem with in handbrake.  That played all the videos except the first one.  It appears that Apple stops videos that plays automatically so I put a button on the first video with a trigger to launch the video which simply said click here to start course.  This seems to have worked for me so I hope this works for you, I have mulled over the problem for some time so am delighted to figure out a fix.

Jessica Alexander

Hello! I'm at a loss... I have a course with embedded videos and I can't get them to play on mobile devices (works great on PC). I've tried everything that has been listed in this thread (including making them web-optimized and compressing them and including a trigger to play them) but nothing is working. I've updated my Storyline 3, I've updated my iOS, tried different options for launching (automatically/clicked/triggered) and I'm at my wit's end. Can someone please take a look at my file and tell me what I am missing?

Petronela Gdovinova

Even after 2 software updates that were supposed to fix this issue, the videos do not play correctly on iPad. Furthermore, a project with videos loads super slow and slides are out of sync on iPad. I already contacted support and uploaded the .story file, but only got traditional reply "Thanks so much for letting us know about this issue. I’ve logged it as a possible software bug. Depending on priority and risk, some bugs can be fixed quickly, while others take longer to resolve...", which doesn't help me at all. I am using Storyline 3 with HTML5 output.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Jessica -- Thanks so much for including your file here. I published it using Storyline 3 and hosted the output on Tempshare. Then I tested the output on an iPad iOS 11.4 in Safari, and the videos played correctly in my testing. 

Could you test this link on your device and let me know if the videos play correctly? 

Hi, Petronela -- I'm really sorry this bug is causing you headaches. As soon as we know more, we'll be sure to pass that information along to you. 

Jasmin Fritsch

Any news on this?

I just tried several old Storyline Versions, as this bug does not occour in older courses I made.
I had to go back to Storyline 3 Update 3 from march last year to get my videos to work.

After Update 4 problems with audio and subtitles apperead and now it seems like videos are affected as well ... I don't want to be permanently stuck on an old version because of bugs like these :(
Especially since you can't have multipe versions installed to easily work around those problems ...

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jasmin,

Our team hasn't seen this yet in our own courses or those we've tested from customers - but I'd love to have our Support Team take a look at your examples.

It would also help to know: 

  • How and where are you hosting your published content? LMS, web server, etc? 
  • What iOS devices and iOS version are you on?
  • Can you share more details on what's happening with the audio, subtitles and videos? Are they not playing at all, play back slower, etc.?

Let me know if you're able to share files with our team and I'll follow along! 

Jasmin Fritsch


The courses are hosted on our web server and in our customers LMS.

I am using an iPad 3 on iOS 9.3.5 (and a bit out of context, I have an Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 on Andriod 8.1.0 which won't play videos either).

Since update 3.4 my subtitles disappear once I pause the timeline. This is still present in the newest Storyline version.

Also since update 3.4 audio is not playing on random slides and audio embedded in videos can't be muted.
These audio issues seem to be fixed with 3.6, but as this version does not play videos on my tablet, it's still not an option for publishing.

Unfortunately I'm working on customer projects, so I can't share files.
I'll try to create a dummy project to test once I find a suitable time window.