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This is my first question on that awesome community I already had a look several, please, don't say too quickly it'a a silly one!!

I would like to know if we have the possibility inside Storyline to show/hide markers.
I mean, I have a slide with different markers on them, I really like this fucntion, but I would like that at the end of this slide (meaning when all markers have been seen), all the labels (title and text) could be visible, before going to next slide.
Is it something possible?

Olivier JACOB

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Olivier Jacob and welcome to Heroes! 

There are certainly no silly questions here, so never hesitate to ask! We're here to help, and the community is awesome at providing answers, examples or just helpful hints. 

Markers are designed to either be hovered over or clicked on to show the information, and then when you click on a new marker the previous one closes. If you were looking to have them all opened at the end, you could "fake" it by creating a layer that includes all the same information as the markers but just as image and text boxes. You'd want to set the layer to show either when the user clicks a particular button or set it to show based on reaching certain conditions similar to the method here.  If you wanted to not use the built in markers, you could also set up images similar to those on the markers that have states associated with them (so hover over show a text box with the info, or clicked on stays on the screen). This would allow you to set the behavior to click on each simulated marker and leave it on the screen until all are shown. 

So, there are a few different ways to set it up depending on your level of comfort and time available. If you are still looking for some assistance, it's helpful if you can share the .story file here with the community and then if they have feedback or thoughts to share they can update your slide.

Let us know if you need anything else!