"View Slide" returns to STARTING SCENE instead of specified slide/scene

Dear E-Learning Heroes,

I have a Storyline #1 oddity I can't explain or correct:  In Story View, when I click on a specific slide or scene, it typically pops up in a new tab.  However, if I return to Story View, then click to open up another slide/scene, the previous tab converts to the Starting Scene instead of the specified slide/scene.  I just uninstalled and installed the latest version, and this oddity wasn't occurring previously.  It repeats the error in any storyline file.  Any suggestions?


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Kyada Queen

I've done the repair,  working locally, checked the image size (all small enough), rebooted, uninstalled, reinstalled....Ever since I did the October reinstall, things have been acting erratically.  For example, I had a scene open and I was changing a picture on one of the slides.   As soon as I clicked the picture, the whole scene closed and I was in story view again.  This problem continues to occur....