View slide triggers for whole branch

Hi all,

I have a landing slide with buttons to each branch. Currently I apply a visual tick to each button once they have viewed the first slide in the branch using a trigger. This works ok but if they only view the first slide of 10 in the branch they still get the tick. 

I know I could add a trigger to each slide then set the button to show the tick when all ten triggers are true, but this is very manual intensive, considering I have a number of branches and this is multiplied by a large number of projects requiring same (standardised) landing slide capability.

Question: Is there a way to apply a trigger to a whole branch which would show as true when all slides in branch have been viewed? Is there any alternate way to achieve my goal?

Help is appreciated.


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Stephanie Harnett

Hi Glenn. Given that SL doesn't have global or scene level variables you'll need to come up with a way to determine if a slide has been viewed. SL doesn't have variables that track slide visits either, so yes, this can indeed be quite manual.

What I suggest is that you create a unique master slide for each branch. Also create a unique number variable for each branch. On the master slide for the branch, insert a trigger that adds one number to the existing value (default value will be 0) of the new branch variable you created. Then back on the starting page where you have the button showing a branch is complete, add a trigger to change the state of the button to "complete" if the variable for the branch is equal to or greater than x number. The number would be the number of slides in the branch. I have attached an example (SL2) where the branch has 3 slides so on the starting page the button will change if the branch1 variable is more than 3.

This approach doesn't make any extra work for you save for having a unique master slide(s) for each branch.