View slides based on user ID

Hi there, 

I'm building a course where my content is branched because some users will be learning about one product and some users will learn about a different product. The content must all be in the same course for tracking/reporting purposes. The problem is, users might not know which product to choose. So I'd like them to be able to enter their ID and, based on that, they will be directed to the content they need. We'll have over 100 users so an open-text question doesn't seem like an option. 

If anyone has ideas, we'd love to hear them!! 

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Louise Lindop

Hi Leah. You can use Javascript to get a value from the LMS and determine their path based on that. There is information in this thread (thanks Phil Mayor) which will show you how to do this It will however only work in Flash I believe. I'm not sure if Flash is an option for you? Louise