View Video Before Advancing

Jan 18, 2019


I have one slide with three tabs.  Each tab has a separate layer.  On one of the layers, there is a video.

I would like to:

  • Prevent the learner from clicking on any of the other tabs until the video has completed. (Once the video tab is clicked)
  • Prevent the learner from clicking the Next button until all three tabs have been visited.

Are both of these possible?

Thank you,


3 Replies

You can use the "Media completes" trigger to enable the other tabs and navigation buttons available after the video finishes playing. 

Another idea would be to place the video on a slide layer and auto-show the slide layer when the timeline starts. Change the slide layer properties to prevent users from clicking on the base layer. Finally, hide the slide layer using the "media completes" trigger.

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