Viewing a mp4 in full browser (Storyline 360)

Jan 23, 2020


When watching a video, I want users to be able to click the video control button to view it in full screen. Then exit the full screen and return to the content.

My Story size is 720 x 405 (16:9) and the video was recorded as 1920 x 1080. I know this isn’t ideal - I’ve tried customizing the story size to the same size as the video, but I found the markers I’ve used were too small and hard to see.

Here’s what I’m thinking for options. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Show the video in a new browser window and set the video controls below the video?
    • Is there a way to automatically set the size of the new browser window size? And to automatically close the window after the video is over?
  • Post the video on our server and insert it in Storyline as a web object? In a new browser window?
  • Other?

As a side question, should I set the video Compression to None or Automatic?

Thanks in advance.

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Cheryl Elliott

Has nobody answered this? I have always had the same issue and wanted to add a possible solution that's not likely to be the best one. If you have Camtasia, you can render a movie with a controller and that controller has everything you need. However, in order to embed it into your Story you have to insert the "index.html" as a web object. Other than that, if anyone could address this, it would be much appreciated. Our stories are 1920x1080 and the video controller (the one option in Storyline) is teenie tiny with no options to fix. And also when it's published, it's doesn't quite make it inside the frame even though I have to reshape the video for it to fit well into the frame. And it's ugly. I'm not entirely sure why there is an option to put the controller below the video when it's offscreen for a full screen video? The player's seekbar is an option but it has no counter and isn't precise.

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