Viewing a PDF as a web object

Jan 22, 2014


firstly I am complete newbie to this product and I have to admit not very savvy in using html or scripting languages. So I could use some pretty basic help.

I want to be able to view a PDF inside storyline. I saw a couple of useful topics in the form which helped me to link a button to the pdf and another which spoke about linking the pdf file to a webobject. When I tried the webobject method all I got was an error saying no index.htm or index.html file.

Now I understand there has to be an index.html file but what should it's content be. Research on the web seems to point to the fact it will need some scripting code . I wondered if anyone had a good example of what it should look like. Initially I just want to view this locally on my laptop.

Can anyone help?



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