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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Noureen,

First, it really depends on how you're launching and viewing the course. If you open a link in an existing window, it may not scale the web browser itself, even if it scales the player. 

Here's an example:

Full Screen For Noureen

Now, if you publish for web, for example and enable the option for "Launch player in new window (creates launch page)" this works pretty well. Just note that you'll need to direct users to the launcher.html file, instead of the story.html

Here's an example of the same project published for web, but using a launch page:

Launch Page - Full Screen For Noureen

You can modify the launcher.html file if needed as well, if you're comfortable with HTML. 

I'm also going to attach the example file I used for this, just in case you want to look over the settings I used.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Noureen Shaikh

Thank you much Christine for your response.  Btw, loved the banner in the example! 

The project will be published for an LMS in the SCROM 2004 format.  Will launching the project in a new window be the best option still or can I manipulate the size in any other way? Thanks again for your time...


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Noureen,

Thanks! Glad you liked that :D

It will be the best option, but it really comes down to how the content launches on the server. If you have it set to launch in a new window and that server launches it properly, the new window should adjust to the size you specified. If it does not, however, you could try using the launch page I suggested. 

Again, you don't have to have just a blank page with a button when you use this page - you could always customize the HTML file if you'd like. 

Let me know how it goes! :)