Viewing all content before viewing Conclusion slide


I have a timeline that has 7 buttons that users can select in no particular order.  After they have viewed each of 7 screens of content and the coordinating lightbox (one in each of the seven screens), how do I make sure they are sent to the Conclusion slide after they have viewed the seven screens?

Thank you for any help!

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Birgit Muehlenhaus

That's a great idea!  Thank you!

Quick question -- would that give them time to view the slide that the 7th button goes to?  I just don't want them to click the 7th button and be pushed to the Conclusion slide without having time to read the content on the 7th screen.  Does that make sense?

Thanks again for your quick response!!

Wendy Farmer

Are they physically clicking the next button? If so, then the condition won't kick in until the user actions that by clicking the button.

If you want an automatic jump to conclusion slide then you may need to have the trigger to add+1 on each of the seven content slides.

So it would change the trigger to:

Adjust variable xx Add +1 when timeline starts on content slide 1

Adjust variable xx Add +1 when timeline starts on content slide 2

and repeat for all seven slides. Then when they close the last slide (no partciular order) and return to that main slide the trigger would be:

Jump to slide 'conclusion' when timeline starts on main slide on condition that variable xx = 7 (which is would be as it is incrementing each when each timeline starts on the 7 content slides)

Hope that makes sense.