viewing and recording courses from LMS on Ipad

Apr 24, 2015

hello everyone, 

I am confused about what I need to be able to record results if a person takes a course from an Ipad.

here are my questions

If I just publish the course for LMS with html5 and flash do need to also choose tin can api to have the course record its results back to the LMS?

If the LMS is not tin can compliant, can the user still take the course from the LMS on an Ipad and have the results recorded in the LMS? 

Or do I need the lms to be tin can compliant no matter what if I want users to be able to record their results from an Ipad?

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Brian Allen

If your LMS is not Tin Can compliant, then you want to publish your SCORM course with HTML5, but make sure to uncheck the Articulate Mobile player option.

The HTML5 content will open in your iPads browser and should track results back to your LMS (works for us on SumTotal LMS).

The Articulate Mobile player is only Tin Can compliant, so you cannot choose it as a publish option unless your LMS is Tin Can compliant.

Brian Allen

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