Viewing content saved on mobile device

Sep 18, 2017

Over a year ago, I worked with a designer to load an Articulate package on a set of Samsung Galaxy Tablets.  We loaded a zip file on each tablet, clicked the correct file to launch the course (story.html?) and we were able to view the course on the Articulate Mobile app.  I am attempting to load new content now, but I'm unable to get the course to launch after I save it to the device.  I'm just getting error messages.  We don't have a place to host these files currently.  Thanks!

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Kim Carver

Hi, I can't reproduce the error right now but I definitely figured out the issue.  I tried a 2nd device and got the course to launch without a problem, but as I moved through the devices loading the files, some worked and some didn't.  Then I figured out what was different.  The tablets that work are on Android 5.0.2, while the ones that don't launch the file have been updated to 6.1.  This seems like a pretty big bug!  I updated the Articulate mobile app to the latest version, but no luck.  Does anyone know when they are releasing another update?

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