Viewing course with mobile player on ipad with tracking in Moodle

May 20, 2014


I want to be able to deliver courses on the ipad using the mobile player and track the results in Moodle.  I have read lots of posts on this topic but most are quite old now.  Is it possible to use the mobile player with Moodle or am I on to a non-starter here?  I have published the course as TinCan, imported to SCORM cloud and created a Dispatch which i loaded into Moodle.  At present I cant get the content to launch in the mobile player at all. Should i be able to do this?  Also, if i do get it launch, is there still an issue with completion not being recorded in Moodle?  I would really appreciate an update on this because without the ability to do this i may have to look at changing LMS or authoring tool as mobile capability is pretty much essential for us now.

HTML5 isn't an option for us as the course has audio and video and the course just doesn't run correctly.  



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephanie,

Have you checked in with Moodle about their Tin Can support? If you're running a course within an LMS and would like to deploy it for the mobile player, that LMS will need to support Tin Can to receive and track results. This set of FAQs should help frame when and why to use Tin Can. Since you mentioned loading it first to SCORM Cloud, there is a section of those FAQs dealing with  if your LMS supports the Tin Can API but hasn't yet enabled private content authorization for mobile apps, the need to host your published content on a server that is separate from your LMS. And, if you're hosting content on a separate server, you'll need to modify the Launch URL when publishing. Directions are included in that article. 

Stephanie Powner

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately there is no TinCan support in our Moodle, but I tried to get around this by publishing the content as TinCan, uploading to SCORM cloud and creating a 'Dispatch' to load into our Moodle.  The dispatch is a skeleton of the SCO and SCORM cloud should then handle all of the tracking etc and then pass the results to the Moodle (this works with the flash player version).  Also, the Moodle can't handle the authorization aspects and again I was hoping that using cloud would resolve this too.  I also tried hosting the content on a separate server. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the content to launch in Moodle.  If I upload to Moodle as a web page, it all launches are ok so it would appear that one of the limitations  of our Moodle hasnt been resolved by the SCORM Cloud work around.  I will get in contact with SCORM cloud support to see if they can give me any pointers.  Thanks for your help!


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