Viewing exit animation on second visit fails

Sep 17, 2015

I am working my way though adding Entrance and Exit Animations on layers.

I have found a way to have an exit animation on a specific layer begin based on a trigger, but I can only have it execute once.  On the second time the layer is viewed, the layer simply disappears suddenly without the exit animation.

For this example I’ve simulated Random Bars so the transition is easily visible. see attached example story.

I’ve learned that an exit animation takes priority over ‘show until end’ and ‘show always’ and thus will activate at the end of the time line.  If the layer is designed for the user to view it at their leisure, I don’t want the timeline to take precedence over the user’s planned activation to close the layer.

I’ve found a partial work around. It is similar to an old Powerpoint trick of loading a second image under the primary image and it activates independently when triggered.

I load VisualLayer1 from the base layer when activated.  This VisualLayer1 has an entrance animation along with loading a trigger for the user to close the layer when ready.  When the user engages the close the trigger; first the current layer closes, second a VisualLayerFade is activated.  This second layer is designed to provide the Exit Animation.  The VisualLayerFade is set to .75sec which is the planned exit animation time.

This process works excellently the first time the user engages the VisualLayer1 the first time.  The VisualLayer1 enters with an entrance animation. it pauses until the user activates the close trigger. Finally, the VisualLayerFade seamlessly loads in the background and promptly provides a fade back to the base layer.  I patted myself on the back the first time this worked. However, if the same layer is activated, no VisualLayerFade is activated when the VisualLayer1 is closed.

Thank you in advance for any advice on how to fix this issue. I would hope the user could view each layer as often as they like and experience an entrance and exit animation on each visit.  


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