Viewing Menu and Notes simultaneously

Hi. I have a client who would like to have the menu and notes visible at the same time. If they are both tabs in the sidebar, only one is visible at a time. Putting the notes in the topbar doesn't really help since it covers some of the slide plus you have to keep clicking the link each time you advance or click something else on the slide.

Any thoughts on how to do this? There is no way to split the sidebar so that the menu is on the top half and the notes would be on the bottom, right? Any creative work arounds?



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Mike Enders

Adena,  the only workarounds I can think of will involve taking up a little screen real-estate. thought would be this...

Change your canvas size to a widescreen aspect ratio.  Say, 960x540.  then, use that extra 240 px of width and create a notes are next to the menu.  I've attached a basic mockup.  You could even use the scroll panel to scroll the longer notes.  It's a little wonky and I'm not crazy on the look...but it does meet the basic requirements.