Viewing old courses built in flash


We have a few old courses that were published in Flash that we didn't get to update before the end of life.  Unfortunately, the person who created them took the files with them, so all I have is running it through the LMS and seeing the Notes tab and hearing the audio.  Does anyone have any tricks/tools that have allowed them to see the content?  Really hard to recreate something when you can't tell what was done the first time.  We have Cornerstone LMS.  Thanks.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Here's an article with some ideas. I tried Conifer and couldn't get it to work. It's possible that they just don't the resources to support all of the people accessing the site.

I haven't tried Ruffle. Perhaps someone on your IT team can set up a safe installation. The Flash content is your so it's not like you would be using an insecure Flash player to access malicious content.

It's also possible to try an older computer. I have an old laptop where I haven't updated the browsers. Maybe that's an option for some.