Viewing Published Storyline file on an iPad

So.. I keep hearing that Storyline can be published for mobile viewing... I have made that selection when publishing, but what I cannot find is information about WHAT DO DO with the published files so that I can access them on a mobile device? Do I send them to the mobile device via email? If so, is there a particular file I should look for to launch? Any help would be appreciated...Thank you.

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Nicola Appel

Hi Lajuana,

to view your course on an iPad you'll need to download the Articulate Mobile Player first - a free app that you can download from the iTunes App Store.

You publish your course from Storyline and upload your content to a web server, then you just give learners a link to the story.html file.

Here's a tutorial on Publishing a Project for iPad or HTML5 with some more information.

Hope this helps.