Viewing SCORM via iPad and Android

Hi there!


Can anyone assist me in finding  the appropriate / simple solution  of the above issues apart from the solutions below (which currently works but the link will expire in 10 days, need a solution where link does not expire). FYI my organisation currently use Moodle as their LMS.



1.       SCORM to be uploaded here: after produced.

2.       Copy the link provided by tempshare and paste it in the description of the uploaded SCORM activity.

3.       need to tell those who are using Ipad to install this app:

4.       need to make sure his student click the link provided by tempshare in order to view and interact with the SCORM activity.



1.       Same with step 1 – 2.

2.       Students need to install this browser (I’m still looking for the other tool which can allow participants to view the SCORM activity)

3.       Open TIMeS using the browser above.


 I’ve search the articulate forum n page there are explanations of solution but I’m not sure where & how to link the story.html per say, perhaps someone can advise me on this,






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Enna Ayub

My I add that I thought my problem will be solved if I view using Chrome instead of Safari but instead the SCORM package comes out looking cut off.

Images below are of the view from my ipad viewing using Chrome.

view of Moodle is fine. Howver once SCORM package is launched the elearning module looks cut-off and I am unable to scroll up or down or access the next and previous buttons.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Enna,

The Tempshare site is for testing purposes only, not for hosting content. If you have Moodle as your LMS, you'll want to publish your course following the directions for an LMS and then defer to Moodle for how to upload the contents. I do not believe that Moodle supports the Tin Can API which you would need to run your content through Moodle on the iPad app, so you'll need to have users view the course in mobile Safari as seen here in the system requirements.  I have heard some recent reports in the forums that Moodle has some scalling issues on the iPad with regards to iOS7. For scrolling on the iPad, you'll need to use the two finger scroll method described here. 

Also, Storyline content may work on some Android devices. However, we do not officially support Android devices or browsers. 

If you'd like to see official support for a particular mobile device, we welcome your feature requests.

Enna Ayub

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply.  We have published the SCORM using the LMS 1.2 and have uploaded into Moodle. Results shown as images posted above.

Perhaps you may clarify, what do you mean by Moodle not supporting Tin Can API? which you would need to run your content through Moodle on the iPad app? Do I need to  publish the SCORM package in Moodle 2 versions, which is SCORM 1.2 and the Tin Can API?

Enna Ayub

Hi Phil, 

Thank you for your insight. I have published using LMS 1.2 and enabled to include the HTML5  output.  I am viewing using Chrome Browser to test on the iPad. I have downloaded the Articulate Mobile Player. Have tested using Safari with the same disappointing result.

When upload into Moodle I uploaded the zip file. Is my method correct? 

I thought I have figured a work around by choosing to display package in Moodle in a "New Window" instead of the current window. Worked with a couple of SCORM package where I can perfectly see all of the interface include the previous and Next navigation all in one screen, but I am not getting the consistent result with other SCORM Package. so there are some inconsistencies here.

Have you had experience where the display result is inconsistent?  I have several SCORM Packages where I have used the same settings to publish as well as the same settings for the player however several sets displayed same display intended when viewed with iPad, whereas the others appeared enlarged when viewed iPad I cannot scroll left to right or right to left.

Here's the setting which I have chosen when Publishing:

enabled HTML 5 Output

Enabled Articulate Media Player on iPad

Enabled Allow downloading 4 offline viewing

LMS chosen was SCORM 1.2

Player setting, I have chosen settings as below:

In "Other", Browser size chosen is to "Resize browser to fill screen", Player size is to "Scale Player to fill browser window", and "Launch player in new window" is selected (although I see no difference as in LMS there is a setting for Display package.

Phil Mayor

Yes you do upload the zip file to moodle, I would not check the use AMP option and do not check enable offline viewing.  In moodle I normally type 100% and choose allow user to resize browser in the publish dialogue.

I would check you are using update 4, and you may need to adjust the CSS in the scorm player window for moodle

Enna Ayub

Hi Ashley, that is why Phil is a Super Hero

Anyway, Phil, more questions from me, but I think I am slowly getting there . . .

What do you mean by using update 4 and need to adjust the CSS in the scorm player window for moodle?

Update 4 here means of the Articulate version? I am pretty sure the version I am using is updated. How to adjust the CSS? and what to adjust to? do I do this in the published Articulate Storyline or in Moodle? If in Moodle we have an LMS administrator who manages the Moodle.

Thanks Phil, Ashley or anyone who can answer my question. Really appreciate it. 

Enna Ayub

Hi Articulate team,

Appreciate if youcan ask articulate people where the file located and what to be changed. So I can request help from thevendor/ICT people here.

Btw what LMS is best to use so I do not encounter this type of problem? Our students and lecturers mostly prefer to use a Mac and iPads/ mimi ipads. So if Moodle is not the best platform for Storyline hope you can recommend another LMS to use. What do you think of LAMS?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Enna,

Phil definitely is a great help.  

I do believe he was referring to update 4 of Storyline, and if you want to double check you can go to the Help tab within Storyline and click on "About Articulate Storyline" and you'll see the update number listed there. 

Also, as Dan mentioned there was also an update to Moodle which fixed some of the display elements, so it sounds like you'll want to check in with your Moodle administrator. 

Marie-Pierre Dionne

Hello there,

I am trying to play SCORM courses in our LMS (Moodle) on a galaxy tablet.

I have followed your recommandations to plublish in articulate storyline: SCORM 1.2 and HTML5 + use articulate for mobile

I have dowloaded the android app: Photon flash player & browser (Web browser with flash support)

I can view my Scorm package on the galaxy tablet, but I have no sound.

As anyone encountered this problem?

Our Moodle version is