Viewing Screencasts not working via Citrix

I am using Articulate 360 and have created various software simulations in Storyline using video, try and test modes.  I've added captions and some further items on the try mode video.  When I test preview them in the citrix environment or on my home pc everything works perfectly.  However, when I publish to LMS format (we don't have an LMS system but understand that is the best way to publish) and store the files on a network drive none of the screencasts will play, just get the grey circle going around.  I published as CD to the hard drive but users still access via citrix and I get the same issue.  If I make the screencast an MP4 file, it works everytime but MP4 looses all the interaction I need - what can I do please, any help gratefully received.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Diane!

Really strange that your course would work correctly while previewing, but you're getting a spinning wheel while viewing the course in your LMS. I don't have experience viewing courses through Citrix, but I would like to test your course in another LMS to parse out whether this is a file issue or something related to your server environment. 

Would you mind sharing an unpublished copy of your original Storyline file with me? If you prefer to keep it privately, you can send it to me by clicking here.