Viewing slide elements before proceeding

Jan 14, 2013

Hi all,

I am trying to make a slide where you select DVDs by drag and drop to a DVD player and the videos start showing. I would like all the videos to be viewed before the user can proceed. I have set it up using variables based on the state of the DVDs changing, however it proceeds to the next slide before the last video is viewed as the change of variable (DVD drop) is before the completion of the final video. Can anybody help me with a solution here?

Kind Regards,

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Marcel - That's understandable. Could you strip out the confidential content (or replace it with placeholders) and attach just that one slide here on this discussion? If not, you're welcome to submit a case to our support team by sending them the original file, since that is handled privately and only a support engineer will see it.

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