Viewing Storyline 2 courses via an app


I have a client who now wants to take a course, break it up into smaller sections and viewed through an app.  (Not sure of the name)  Does anyone have experience with this?  I had a client do this once but because of mobile safari limitations the courses lagged and overall it was not a great experience.  I plan on creating the course in Storyline 2 (maybe 360 but they are not having much success with 360 courses on their LMS right now).


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa,

Are they looking to play it within the Articulate Mobile player, or another custom app? The mobile player would work with Storyline 2 and if they're hosting it on an LMS it will likely need to be published for Tin Can API. You can read a bit more about the different publishing options for distributing content in Flash, HTML5 and the mobile player. 

As for the issues that they're having with 360 and their LMS - can you share a bit more about what's happening? Or do you know if they've connected with our Support Engineers? We'd love to help them figure this out so that they can use all that Articulate 360 has to offer.