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Hi there,

I am a new convert to Articulate Storyline. I am curious whether you can view a Storyline course after you published it. Specifically, I have to create a course and then have a manager review it for editing and revision. Can I publish the course in a CD format and e-mail them a copy? How can they view it without having Articulate Storyline on their computer? I want them to be able to see and experience how the course will function as well as content. Can someone advise me if this is possible.

Many thanks


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin and welcome to Heroes!

When publishing and testing Storyline content, you'll want to view it within the intended environment when possible. So if you're publishing for web or LMS, it's best to load up to a server or LMS platform. With that being said, if you don't have access to either of those - you may want to review the options in this article for web testing or look into using SCORM Cloud which is a free industry standard for testing SCORM content.

You could also publish for CD, and then you'll need to provide the entire published output folder to your reviewers - so it may be too large for email, but you could burn to a CD, place on a flash drive, load up to a server/FTP, etc.

Hope that helps!

Harri C

Hi Robin,

What we often do is publish to web and zip the output folder. We then send the folder to the person to review and instruct them to extract the folder and click on the story.html file - that should work.

One issue that we've come up against is firewalls - sometimes the story.html is stripped completely by the firewall and we have to use dropbox or wetransfer instead.

I've never published to CD so I don't know what sort of output it produces and whether this method would work for it. 

Alternatively, you could upload the file to tempshare and send the link out to them - but bear in mind the link will expire after 10 days.

Hope this helps