Viewing thumbnails when player is disabled

I am making (SL2) content for Tablet and have 'removed' the player.  Navigation is applied to the content itself.

The problem with this is that the thumbnail display in the main editor is now impossible to read (see screen cap).

1 - Why does the thumbnail set not display in a vertical column and at a size where it can be viewed?

2 - Why is there no scaling option in the thumbnail view so that there is a slight chance of seeing which slide you are looking at?

3 - It would be nice to be able to widen the left panel so that more can seen of the slide running order...

Can anyone throw any light on this please?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Martin,

The vertical display is when the slides are all connected using the built in triggers of "jump to next slide" when the user clicks on the next button. 

The thumbnails do get smaller the more that are added in the horizontal style, so a slider/scale option would be a good feature request. 

In Storyline 2, you can undock that panel and then make it a width in which you could see a bit more of the slides.