Vimeo Best Practices

We've been using Vimeo the past few months to host videos we're embedding in Storyline 2. We've had the best luck with linking them in as web objects rather than using the embed code provided by Vimeo.

For us, this has been the best way to host videos. Hosting through the client's site has been spotty, so we went Vimeo.

This worked really well, up until Friday night. Instead of the videos loading, we'd get a video still with a solid grey bar where the 'loading hashmarks' typically are. The videos would only load about 20% of the time. (Browsers Firefox and IE 11) 

Has anyone experienced this before? Anyone have any words of wisdom? I thought Vimeo was a pretty reliable way to go, but does anyone know a better way?

They're all working fine now, but the course is video dependent. No videos = no bueno.

Thanks for your help!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex,

I haven't heard of or seen that particular issue. Did you check with Vimeo to see if they were having any particular loading or playback issues on Friday? Since it sounds like it's working normally now, I would imagine it was a glitch in the site, your internet bandwidth or your hosting platform, not the Storyline course as a whole. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex,

We typically recommend web objects, as than the loading of the video doesn't have to occur in Storyline course, but is from the original website itself. I wont' recommend a particular hosting platform, but hope the community will be able to pop in and provide some additional thoughts here for you.