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Michael Hinze

I know it's not exactly what you want, but I have used a virtual tour element in a previous project. See here for an early version. The software I used (see here for info) can also produce interactive walkthroughs, similar to what you ware looking for. You can then display a tour inside a Storyline web object.

Michael Hinze
Rob Buchinski


Thank you for sharing this!

I am tasked to build a Virtual Walk-Thru Environment for a Remote Workforce foundational training.

Do you know where I can find images of a "Typical Home": Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.


The images I used were shot with a special camera setup to make them true 360 degree panoramic images. I'm not aware of a source for true panorama images. I would expect that site like iStock have pics of 'flat' rooms.