Visaul aspect of menus in Storyline 1 vs 2


I am testing the new Storyline 2 and I can say that the new functions are interresting.

But my post today is about the visual aspect of the menus in Storyline 2.

In fact, in Storyline 1 the menu were well presented. It was easier to distinguish the different blocks (media, illustration...) displayed in light grey as illustrated on the joint image.

In Storyline 2 the menus are less represented.  All is white (too white !), low contrasted, and finaly difficult to identify the different blocks. And in my case, with this visual aspect, its less pleasant and could even be difficult to use.

So, I wonder if its possible to change the color of the Storyline Menu. Not sure at this moment.

A request for the next update : propose to user the choice between different predifined "color environment" : light and dark for exemple.


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Ken Resner

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Eric and Joanna,

I know that during the initial beta - it was a different color, and there was a lot of discussion about users not liking that UI. You're welcome to share your thoughts on this new layout and coloring with our product development team. 


Great forum BTW and one of the reasons I selected Storyline for company use. Real people with real names and a TON of great useful ideas!

Functionality wise I'm loving Storyline ... big thumbs-up!

Re. the new "Windows Metro-like" GUI ... BIG HUGE thumbs-down.

I don't know ANYBODY (at least adults) that like it or prefer it ... same with Microsoft office apps that went this way.

I did submit feedback via a feature request.

I can only hope that (unlike Microsoft) Articulate will provide users some actual options to modify it ... so we don't need to wear sunglasses in the office

Brandon  Clark

I posted something similar a few minutes ago.

 The interface colors should at least have some contrast or comfort options.  I anticipate that users will be more prone to eye strain and battery drain from this far too bright interface. 

Carrie  H

I just upgraded last week (finally got approval) and was wondering what everyone else thought of the visual aspects of the UI.  Overall, I'm excited about the new features but all the gray is bringing me down. I miss the color from SL1.  PLEASE ADD COLOR BACK!!!

I've submitted a feature request from the link that Ashley provided and hope they will make some changes, or at least provide an option (similar to Microsoft) for those not interested in staring at gray all day. :-)