I have a slide that has 2 boxes, each box has a hotspot that shows a different layer.  I need to make sure both boxes are visited but still want to allow the user the choice of which box to go to first.  I don't know how to add the logic to the triggers to make sure both are visited. 

If they click box 1 first they see layer one and the next button takes them to layer 2.

If they click box 2 first they see layer two and the next button takes them to layer 1.

How do I advance them to the next slide after both boxes have been visited when doing it this way?   Is there a better way to do this?




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Ned Whiteley

Hi Mischelle,

If you set up two True/False variables, one for each box, that are initially set to False and change to True when their respective box is selected, you can then only show the Next button (start the slide with it in the Hidden state) when both variables are True. It won't matter which order the two boxes are selected in. You then use the Next button to advance to the next slide.

If you also want the Next button to be used to move to the next layer, you can keep it visible throughout (i.e. don't hide it at the start) and then make it open Layer 2 if Box 1 variable is True, open Layer 1 if Box 2 variable is True or jump to next slide if both variables are True.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Mischelle,

Phil is absolutely correct here. The only reason I have suggested the variable route is because there have been incidents of people reporting problems when using the "When Visited" option. However, this should be your first method, but you also have the option of variables if for some reason it doesn't work.