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Aug 06, 2020

After watching one of the webinars, I have been attempting to create labels with both the visited and selected state as shown in the webinar with pre-build markers. I am not having a lot of success. I created custom buttons with the hope of replicating the effect so that the user clicks and it is 'selected' and then clicks to close (and it is 'visited'). Is this not a possible option? Also, I tried this with customized pre-built markers and I could not get it to replicate what I saw in the webinar either. Any tips are appreciated! 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Katelin,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm not sure which webinar you're referring to, but I'm happy to dig into your file!

It looks like in the first two options you created, all you need to do is add some sample text to the Title and Content to have the marker function as expected.

For your third custom button, I went ahead and added a Visited state, so that once you click off the Selected state and un-Hover, the color should switch. 

Let us know if there's anything specific you have in mind to see if it's possible!

Tom Kuhlmann

Pre-built markers:

At 19:40 I show how to create the visited state with the pre-built marker. All you have to do is go into the visited state and change the icon.

Just to be sure it's clear about states:

  • visited state indicates the object has been clicked
  • selected state is a toggle that goes between selected state and non-selected, as I mentioned in the webinar, there is a potential conflict with created selected states with pre-built markers

Custom marker

  • You can make visited and selected states look any way you want. The custom markers don't have the icon feature like the pre-built, so you would need to insert the icons into the various states


Katelin J

Sounds like the conflict between the selected and visited states are the issue here--basically having the visited state covers up the selected state--however; using both does allow them to click it again--I guess I could have just used the selected state. 

Yes, practicing (and learning I can't do everything I would like to do). 

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