Visited/Completed State not working

Aug 21, 2019

I'm trying to create a menu on the slide master that can be available on all slides.  I've tried using the built-in state and can get the hover state to work but not the visited state.  I've tried creating my own state of completed instead of the visited state and it still doesn't work.  Also if I just click through the menu options eventually the visited state show but not on the button I clicked on.

I also tried using a variable where if the user clicks on the button the variable adds one and based on the variable change, it causes the state of the button to change as well.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to make the button change to a visited or completed state?




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Ricky Fowler

I've made all the recommend changes and it appears to be working fine. I can go through the menu in any order and review all topics.  I tried to click on a topic twice in a row and something strange happened.  the menu item disappeared.  If I click on another menu item the one that disappeared, reappears.  Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

Thank you!



Katie Riggio

Hi there, Ricky!

Thanks for sharing your updated file with us for a closer look. I also see similar erratic behavior with the menu titles, but I can't find anything in the Slide Master settings that would cause that to happen.

I'd like to connect you with our Support team so that we can dig deeper. I opened a case on your behalf and included the details you've shared in this discussion. Look out for an email from shortly, and I'll follow along!

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