Visited Hover and Down states

How do you make different Hover and Down states for for a Visited button. Our client has requested it and found another Storyline project that does it (I don't have access to the source so it doesn't help much).

I have tried  the Trigger:

"Change state of Button 1 to Visited Hover (custom state I created) When the user hovers the mouse over If Button 1's state is equal to Visited",

however that just seems to lock the normal Hover state on even before been visited (bug maybe?).

Any other solutions? Thanks.  

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Colin Skinner

Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for the response and example. I had no idea that Storyline has variables that worked like that, should help me fix some other problems as well.

However, using your example it swaps back to the Normal state after the mouse rolls out, is there a way to detect mouse hovering out to change it back the the Visited state?