Visited object disappears but leaves behind contents of the object

Oct 02, 2020

I want to encourage students to read through slides, so I have covered keywords with shapes (boxes) that have the text "(reveal)" in them. I want the student to click the box to reveal the text underneath. They can proceed to the next slide ones all shapes are in the 'visited' state.

I've tried to methods and both have the same result: the shape disappears, but the text remains and shows over the text underneath. No good.

Method 1: Create a shape and a text box, then group them. The 'normal' state of the shape shows both together. In the 'visited' state, I delete both. The 'visited' state preview is empty. When I preview the slide and click on the box, the text "(reveal)" still remains.

Method 2: Create a shape. Edit its states. Add the text in the 'normal' state. Delete the shape in the 'visited' state. The text remains behind again in the slide preview.

I know I can create a trigger that hides the text when the shape is in the visited state, but that seems like adding extra unnecessary steps. Any ideas?    

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